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Timmy Buffet's Magic Phone Box

Journey of a Prince

by Peter Francis

 A secret portal has lain dormant for many years, waiting for the right moment to become active. And now, that moment has arrived.

Maplefield Publishing

He then picked up the phone’s receiver and spoke in his best deep adult voice. “Hello?” The sound of a dialling tone took him by surprise. Could this old abandoned phone box really be used to make calls?

Excerpt from Journey of a Prince

Derek could find no feasible explanation. The phone box had simply vanished into thin air, and the wretched thing had taken his son with it.

Excerpt from Journey of a Prince

Timmy raised himself up to his full height for his revelation. “I come from the twenty-first century. Yes,” he announced, gratified to hear gasps of amazement all round him, “the year 2008, to be exact.”

Excerpt from Journey of a Prince

“It’s occurred to me that the voice may be trying to pass you one part of a phone number each time,” said the King. Timmy stared at him blankly for a second before his face lit up.

Excerpt from Journey of a Prince

“Run!” Vigor came sprinting from behind the burnt-out husk that used to be Timmy’s home. The pounding of feet from the other direction heralded Fudo’s approach, which was as speedy as Vigor’s.

Excerpt from Journey of a Prince

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